Thank you for your interest in the Spirit of Saint Lucia Cocktail Competition! This competition combines Bounty Saint Lucian Rum with Reàl Infused Exotics to create the ultimate Saint Lucia inspired cocktail. Why enter? The answer is simple! First place will win $1,500 and a trip to Saint Lucia, second place will earn $500, and third place will take home $250. To enter, please answer the following questions carefully and in detail.

All US bartenders are welcome to throw their hat in the ring. Limit 1 entry per bartender. Top 8 will be announced via social media on August 20th.

Online Registration

The registration period is open from July 15th to August 18th.


Is open to working bartenders of legal drinking age from anywhere in the USA. They must make their own travel arrangements to and from San Francisco Rum Fest should they get chosen to compete and will not be compensated by Real or Bounty Rum for their travel expenses.

Online Submission

The initial entry to the competition will entail the submission of your original Bounty Rum and Reàl cocktail inspired by Saint Lucia and the spirit of the Caribbean. Please be as detailed as possible and provide an explanation of your inspiration and how this is related to Saint Lucia.

Online Submission Rules

  • Please be as detailed as possible in each portion of the entry form including your recipe
  • Bounty Rum must be the primary base spirit. Other spirits (except rum) can be used but must be in lesser quantity than Bounty Rum.
  • No other rum brands besides Bounty Rum can be used in your cocktail
  • No other syrup brands besides Reàl can be used in your cocktail
  • Infusions/bitters/tinctures are acceptable
  • No illegal ingredients may be used
  • Photo is encouraged but not required
  • Bonus tip: consider the judging parameters when conceptualizing your cocktail!

Finalist Announcement

Eight finalists will be announced via Bounty and Spiribam USA social media (followed by email) on the evening of August 20th.

Live Competition

The eight finalists will compete in the live competition to be held in San Francisco at Rum Fest on September 1st. More details will be emailed to finalists leading up to the competition.

Live Competition Rules

Each competitor will have five minutes to make four of their submitted cocktail to be evaluated by our esteemed panel of judges

  • Competitors will bring their own ingredients, bar tools, glassware, presentation accessories, etc. with the exception of:
    • Bounty Rum
    • Real Premium syrups
  • Competitors will be mic’d, giving them an opportunity to clearly describe their cocktail to the judges while preparing.
  • If the time limit is exceeded, a penalization will accrue for each 15 seconds
  • We will have Kolddraft cubes and pellet ice available

Judging Parameters

Competitors will be judged based on the following criteria:

  • Taste and Balance (40%)
  • Cocktail Presentation/Appearance (25%)
  • Creativity/Inspiration/Storytelling (25%)
  • Ability to highlight Bounty and Real in cocktail (10%)


Following the final competitor, the scores will be tabulated, and winners will be announced. The prizes will be as follows:

  • 1st place: $1500 courtesy of Reàl and a trip for one to Saint Lucia courtesy of Bounty Rum
  • 2nd place: $500 courtesy of Reàl
  • 3rd place: $225 courtesy of Reàl