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Bounty Saint Lucia Strong 151 Rum

SKU 078699222126

BOUNTY STRONG is modeled after traditional cask rum generations of Saint Lucian’s have grown up with. Still today the local people come with recycled bottles to source their rum in bulk, straight from the cask, to make their homemade spiced rums and other familial concoctions.

The rum is stored in discarded aged rum casks of which their tannins have been exhausted and the overall wood flavors are muted. However, there is a natural straw color and soft oaky overtones that naturally permeate into the rum giving this classic cask rum the character Lucian’s expect from their trusted local distillery.

Rum Blend: Fresh column still rum (93.5%) is proofed down with cask strength (65%) 3-year-old aged column still rum.

Tasting Notes: A remarkable smooth composition softens the initial punch of traditional high strength rum. Waves of toasted marshmallow, warm vanilla bean, and prune pie greet the palate leading to secondary notes of dry and savory yellow fruit, saffron, fresh cinnamon bark, and burnt citrus. A touch of honeysuckle sweetness on the finish carries through warm brown bread as the rum dissipates.

Overproof Rum | 75.5% ABV | 1 LT | St. Lucia